Howit works

Classic Run
Otherwise known as the Sunday Run.
1We offer a small range of watches for a special discount for only one day.
2We can Run any day of the week.
3The Classic Run is only a couple of hours with generally 2 models for sale.
4Stock is limited so you have to be quick to get your timepiece.
5Sign up for the newsletter to make sure you know when the Classics are held!
One watch to be aware of.
1We won't have it as often as a Classic Run or a Marathon.
2The Sprint is special, offering stock from a Classic Run at a discounted price. Only one model is sold per Sprint.
3Once stock is gone, it is gone.
4A new feature is available. You can now go through a list of models to be sold and set alerts. When you set an alert, we will send an email letting you know when that model will be up for sale.
Usually runs for a couple of days.
1Throughout the Marathon, we offer a wide range of models at a special discount.
2You are able to purchase as many timepieces as you wish. However, to ensure all customers enjoy the full Marathon range, there is a limit of 3 specific models per person.
3From the moment you place an item in your shopping cart, you have 10 minutes to complete your order.
4You can place individual orders should you wish to take your time shopping.
5Keep in mind that we offer limited quantities per item and popular items do sell out first. So be sure to arrive on time in order to get your Invicta time.